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The wedding ring production is a well-established goldsmith’s art that has evolved in time thanks to the innovation of the equipment dedicated to it.

Starting from a continuous casting pipe, it is now possible to obtain diameters and hardnesses ideal for producing rings with machine tools, either by working the bar or semi-finished rings.

For over 20 years Violi srl has developed a range of patented products dedicated to this processing, developing technologies and innovative solutions for the jewelry area.

Today you can produce top quality rings quickly and economically, reducing waste and amount of metal required by traditional systems, allowing to reduce the thickness and external/internal dimension of the product starting with compact and perfectly calibrated tubes.T

The Violi line of drawing machines are compact benches for the processing of semi-finished products in tubes or bars even with a complex profile, with variable length and able to guarantee very high standards of quality and precision.

Technologically state-of-the-art thanks to the use of first-class components and innovative design solutions covered by patent, the Violi dies are made in such a way that the trolley carrying pliers can be perfectly aligned with the drawing hole so as to eliminate the formation of negative bending on the load-bearing structure. The use of the bench is made extremely easy thanks to the use of a joystick on the control panel that allows you to manage all the processing steps. The replacement of the grip jaws is immediate and takes place through a quick anchoring system. The VM/KTF drawing machines are equipped with a kit for tapering the various pipe diameters (APT30) in order to allow the grip for the machining.

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Violi Srl was founded in 1992 and immediately established itself as a reference company for the design and manufacture of industrial machinery dedicated to three different business areas: goldsmith, industry, and metal recovery. Thanks to continuous research and innovation, the company can develop cutting-edge machinery to meet even the most demanding requests.

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