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The world of metals recovery!



The recovery of precious metals deriving from industrial working residues or from the recycling of obsolete materials, just like the destruction of hospital-contaminated residues or of some other kind of residues, is a fundamental issue for the productive cycle of companies operating in different fields and to which current regulations impose more and more restrictive compliance and supervisions.
Goldsmith, semiconductors and medical industries are only a few examples of macro areas for which it is necessary a regulated disposal of residues, whose intrinsic value is extremely high thanks to the presence of precious metals that must be recovered through a process that optimizes their profit, or whose destruction is dictated by more and more restrictive laws and regulations.
Besides the traditional fuel systems called “incinerators” and characterized by dimensions, highly expensive operating costs and requirements, nowadays it is possible to use, for the same aims, more advanced and “eco-friendly” systems that considerably simplify the implementation of the process. An example of it are the Violi’s ovens FMW1 – FMW2, which use the principle of pyrolysis for the carbonization of organic residues in complete absence of oxygen, thus minimizing the formation of fumes and the subsequent emission of toxic substances and dioxins into the air. Heat is produced through 2/4 microwave generators that act on the organic part of waste without combustion, thanks to the presence of inert atmosphere inside the oven’s chamber. The process occurs quickly and in perfect safety, constantly monitored by a PLC that manages each working phase

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Violi Srl was founded in 1992 and immediately established itself as a reference company for the design and manufacture of industrial machinery dedicated to three different business areas: goldsmith, industry, and metal recovery. Thanks to continuous research and innovation, the company can develop cutting-edge machinery to meet even the most demanding requests.

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