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Violi Srl drawing machines: high-quality standard!



Drawing is part of the mechanical processes for deformation, processes that can be performed both cold and hot. These operations exploit the plasticity of the material, its ability to maintain the acquired shape under the action of a deforming force when this is greater than its elasticity limit.

The process by which the section of a prismatic solid is reduced without changing its shape, takes place by passing the piece through a hole with a decreasing section of a die called “DRAWING DIE” through the action of a pulling force.

Violi is now specialized in hydraulic drawing machines for processing tubes or bars and multi-step wires drawing machines.

In 1995 Violi obtained the first patent for hydraulic drawing machines, developing an innovative system for processing the continuous casting tube which was unknown until then.

A rather simple technology is devised, which is still used around the world, as it allows products to be manufactured with high standards of quality and precision.

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Violi Srl was founded in 1992 and immediately established itself as a reference company for the design and manufacture of industrial machinery dedicated to three different business areas: goldsmith, industry, and metal recovery. Thanks to continuous research and innovation, the company can develop cutting-edge machinery to meet even the most demanding requests.

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