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Briquettes: a great future?



The briquetting process is nowadays gaining renewed attention. A briquetting machine, with current technologies, is simple, easy to use and brings multiple advantages to the metalworking industries. Do you know which are the several benefits in details? The first obvious benefit of compacting processes lies in the significant reduction in terms of volume of waste.

The briquettes, being compacted at very high pressures compared to the shavings, make the work environments logistically organized and efficient, giving to a company the chance of using new spaces for the storage of products and for the production line. The second benefit of the compacting process lies in the substantial reduction of handling and transport costs.

The briquettes in fact allow a very easy handling and a substantial reduction of external and internal transport costs. One example could be the use of the forklift and consequently of the time that operators devote to collecting chips. Additional benefits in our next article.

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