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The benefits of compacting metal chips



Last week we covered one of the benefits of compacting metal chips. As we said, briquettes brings with them a series of benefits that probably in 2021 many metalworking companies can no longer give up. In fact, one of the main advantage is the following:

Briquettes destined for foundries have a higher commercial value than shavings because during melting they significantly increase the yield based on the type of material. The fundamental characteristic is that briquettes are compacted at high pressures and therefore they are qualitatively better than chips.

These are in fact more subject to oxidation, reductions and drops. Once briquetted, the shavings containing refrigerants can be loaded directly into the melting furnaces and crucibles with a significant reduction in time, considerable energy savings and an important reduction in the risk of particle deposits on the walls of the bottoms and crucibles.

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