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News & Events

The company takes part in several exhibitions that allow it to get in touch with customers all over the world and to establish tangible contacts with new companies and consolidate those with already established customers.


Archive of past events:

EMO 2021 The world innovation starts here!

From the 4th to the 9th october Violi S.r.l. will take part in EMO 2021, the leading trade show for the operators of the world manufacturing industry.  Violi will exhibit a wide range of technologies for the recovery of precious metals.  Booth D27 pav. 5. Come and visit us! ... Read more


From September 10th to 14th Violi S.r.l. will take part in T-Gold, the most important event dedicated to the technologies for precious metal working. We will be waiting for you at our booth 514-515-524-525 pavilion 4! More information at Read more

Violi Srl drawing machines: high-quality standard!

Violi S.r.l. was established in 1992 as a manufacturer of machinery for the goldsmith sector. Leveraging decades of experience in this field, Violi thus began to produce cutting-edge lines for several industries. In 1995, the company started developing machinery for the processing of high-thickness cast tubes for... Read more


The wedding ring production is a well-established goldsmith’s art that has evolved in time thanks to the innovation of the equipment dedicated to it. Starting from a continuous casting pipe, it is now possible to obtain diameters and hardnesses ideal for producing rings with machine tools, either by working the... Read more

The world of metals recovery!

The recovery of precious metals deriving from industrial working residues or from the recycling of obsolete materials, just like the destruction of hospital-contaminated residues or of some other kind of residues, is a fundamental issue for the productive cycle of companies operating in different fields and to which... Read more

Violi Srl drawing machines: high-quality standard!

Drawing is part of the mechanical processes for deformation, processes that can be performed both cold and hot. These operations exploit the plasticity of the material, its ability to maintain the acquired shape under the action of a deforming force when this is greater than its elasticity limit. The process by... Read more

Briquettes: a great future?

The briquetting process is nowadays gaining renewed attention. A briquetting machine, with current technologies, is simple, easy to use and brings multiple advantages to the metalworking industries. Do you know which are the several benefits in details? The first obvious benefit of compacting processes lies in the... Read more

Violi to introduce a new straightening line for tubes

Straightening is an intermediate process crucial to obtain perfectly straight tubes without ribs. To this end, Violi Meccanica Industriale designs and manufactures machines for straightening hot-drawn and cold-drawn tubes or round profiles with diameters ranging from 3 to 65 mm. These brand-new straightening... Read more

The benefits of compacting metal chips

Last week we covered one of the benefits of compacting metal chips. As we said, briquettes brings with them a series of benefits that probably in 2021 many metalworking companies can no longer give up. In fact, one of the main advantage is the following: Briquettes destined for foundries have a higher commercial... Read more

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