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  • Design and construction of mechanical equipment
  • Realization machines for industrial goldsmith
  • Design and realization of industrial machinery
  • Machinery for the recovery of noble metals
  • Recovery equipment WEEE
  • Machinery for compacting steel wire
  • Machinery for crushing catalysts

Violi S.r.l.

Violi Srl was founded in 1992 upon Mr. Giorgio Violi’s experience and tenacity, that have been always engaged in designing and manufacturing of industrial machinery, typically used in the goldsmith processes.

The sensitivity to anticipate market needs and the ability to adapt the production to customer’s demand have made Violi Srl a serious and reliable partner, fostering the fidelity and trust of many customers at national and international level.

Research and innovation have characterized the activity of the company over the years and have represented the guidelines for the development of technologically advanced machinery, rich in innovative solutions.


The plant is composed by a shredder suitable for the necessary production and by a hydraulic compactor mod. VM/CTA0. The VM/CTAR0-01 allows the reduction and compression of chips deriving from turning/milling processes, significantly reducing their volume and cleaning the briquettes from the liquids assimilated during previous machining operations.


The plant consists of a loading hopper (with chance of customization) where the material to be processed is inserted, with the shredder inside that reduces the length of the chip. A conveying system brings the shredded product gradually and continuously into the compacting machine hopper, inside which there are two augers that push the material into the compacting chamber.


The system consists of a liquid collection tank and drain pump. Cycle management is carried out via PLC and chips presence sensor.



VM/CTAR0-01 shredding and compacting plant complies with the applicable European reference standards.

Manufacturing Process

Violi has developed cutting edge solutions that allow to control and check the production processes and to meet customers’ needs.

Precious metals recovery, electroforming, chain manufacturing, wire manufacturing, plate manufacturing, tube and bar manufacturing, investment casting, wedding rings production, surface treatment and finishing.

Zinc recovery RAEE recovery Wedding rings and bangles production Crushing of exaust catalyst

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